Where Do My Donations To Team Bobby V & Friends Go?

Team Bobby V & Friends is dedicated to finding a cure for Progressive MS. Our goal is to raise $300,000 by 2025 to fund research for a cure for Progressive MS that is being supported by the International Progressive MS Alliance – an international coalition of MS organizations that includes the National MS Society.

Over the next 10 years, we will support a number of different research projects that are focused on finding a cure for Progressive MS. We will select these studies from a pool of International Progressive MS Alliance sanctioned research.

All of our donations are processed by the National MS Society and go directly to the study we’ve chosen to support.

Which study will my Team Bobby V donation dollars support right now?

The research project that we’ve selected as our inaugural study is headquartered in Milan at the Fondazione Cento San Raffaele. It is collaboration between six laboratories located in Europe, Canada and the US. The main objective is to identify molecules that may be able to reverse the effects of Progressive MS by remyelinating the neurons that have been left stripped of their protective sheath.

This would (in theory) reverse the effects of Progressive MS.

The coolest part of this study is that they’re using human cells as opposed to rodent cells which means the new findings of the study will be able to be more rapidly integrated into future therapies.

A Technical Explanation of the Study

For the more scientifically minded, here’s the official project summary of our study.

Title: Bioinformatics and cell reprogramming to develop an in-vitro platform to discover new drugs for progressive multiple sclerosis (BraveinMS)

Project Summary: The goal of scientists working in the MS field is to speed up the understanding of the nervous system degeneration occurring during the progressive and irreversible phase of the disease. This project will combine the bioinformatics and neuroscientific expertise of six laboratories (located in Europe, Canada and the US) with the aim of identifying molecules that might have a therapeutic protective role on neurons and/or the capacity of favoring the proliferation of myelinating cells in order to save neurons left “naked’ when the surrounding protective damaged myelin disappeared.

The collaborating laboratories will align protocols to generate controlled, stable and mature neural cells, while combining network-based analyses with in-vitro pharmacological testing, and functional and pharmacological databases in order to screen compounds with possible remyelinating and neuroprotective potential.

The collaborative model, which benefits from using novel bioinformatics and biological tools along with human cells (as opposed to rodent-derived cells) will more rapidly advance knowledge of the mechanism underlying the progression of MS and more quickly identify new therapeutic drugs to enter human clinical trials.

Help us #endMS!

Our team needs your help to end MS forever. All donations – no matter how large or small – will help make a difference in the lives of all of those affected by MS.